Minister Simusa’s company fails to complete road works in Chingola

Nairo road in Kabundi South
Mivami construction limited a company  contracted to work on roads in Chingola has failed to finish the work prompting residents including some civic leaders to call for the cancelling of the contract and have it given to other companies.

The company which is owned by Nchanga  Member of Parliament who is also Lands Minster Wilbur Simuusa has been working on the roads since late 2011 but it has failed to finish the works.

A resident told the Watchdog that the company has no machinery and materials on site and most of the times workers are not seen on the sites.

Another resident said Simuusa has failed to perform in his constituency and accused him of being busy constructing six houses at a same area in Kabundi south.
She said that due to unfinished roads,the residents are affected by the dust from these roads resulting in prolonged coughs especially children.