Minister Reaffirms Youth Job

GOVERNMENT has reaffirmed its commitment to empowering the youths by availing them with economic programmes such mining ventures.
Mines, Energy and Water Development Minister Christopher Yaluma said Government was still committed to resolving youth unemployment by allowing them access to some mining ventures such as the slug dump in Kitwe.
Mr Yaluma, who was reacting to complaints by youths that the Ministry of Mines had blocked them from mining the slug dump (black mountain), said in Kitwe that Government had not changed its position on youth empowerment.
He said Government’s reluctance to allow mining on the slug dump by the youth was on the basis of concern for safety.
“We brought in the police to secure the black mountain because of safety reasons. When I visited the area and addressed the miners, I saw that what was happening was not being done in a right manner and is a serious potential risk that could lead to mass death,” he said.
Mr Yaluma said it would be sheer negligence on his part to ignore the potential risk posed by unsystematic mining at the black mountain.
He said when he halted mining activities at the slug dump, he issued specific instructions for the youths to submit proposals to the ministry on how best to mine at the site so that it could benefit many youths and not just a few as had been the case.
“So we have not changed the position to empower the youth. All I am waiting for are proposals and up to now, not a single paper has reached my office,” he said.

Source : The Times of Zambia

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