Miner dies in his locked Residential Apartment

A man in his mid- twenties was reported to be dead and locked in his residential apartment, in the afternoon on Saturday, February 15, 2014, reports Zambian Eye Correspondent in Kitwe.

Thomas Chilongo, a Miner, residing in Chimwemwe Township of Kitwe, was only discovered to be dead after a strange observation by the Landlord of the apartment he used to rent at a named house whose number and name of Landlord has been withheld.

According to statements from people close to the deceased, he was last called by a friend on the evening of Tuesday, February 11 around 21:00 hours.

“I called him on his phone around 21:00 hours, we had a chat and he told me he wanted to get a sick leave so that he could rest for three days because he had been working night shift for some days, consecutively, but he did not complain about any sickness,” narrated Wanuke.

Other fellow congregants from the local Catholic Church, where the deceased is reported to have been going also expressed surprise at the demise of Thomas, as they reported that, they had a meeting with him on Tuesday February 11, 2014, but could not reach him on his phone on Thursday, February 13.

In his explanation, the Landlord to the deceased said that, he last saw Thomas on Tuesday. He further narrated that he saw house flies around the yard and got worried about it yesterday on Friday, and on Saturday, the flies increased.

“Nacimona balunshi bafula, nati limbi nikoswe afwilile mupepi nokwikala umulumendo, nomba itontonkanyo lyanjeba ati uyu mulumendo wabusaka nga alipyanga awamya cindengele mupepi, elyo nasango ukuti, loko yakucibi cakwe naisalika mukati muleumfwika necene icibi nabalunshi nbo nabafula, elo natila nati mbutukile ku Church kuntu apepa mbalondolwele (I saw many flies around the house and thought that there was a rotten rat somewhere near the deceased’s apartment, but again my mind reminded me that the tenant keeps his place clean, then as I decided to get closer, I discovered that the door was locked and there were a lot of flies and a bad scent coming out of the house, then I decided to quickly go to the Church where the deceased used to congregate),” narrated the Landlord.

After the case was reported to the Police, the Police refused that they could not open the door to the house where Thomas is believed to have been lying dead, since there were no relatives present.

Efforts were made by leaders of the Church he used to congregate from and friends to inform the parents who have been reported to be residing at Sabina, the area at the Mufulira turn off Kitwe Chingola road.

By late evening of Saturday, February 15, the parents to the deceased were reported to be at the scene, which was crowded by neighbours, who could not enter the yard were the deceased was residing.

By press time, the Police were not yet on the scene.