Miles Sampa reveals his frustration with some people in govt, but says will fight within

Deputy Finance Minister Miles Sampa who is also has revealed his frustrations with some people within the PF government who he accused of being off-track on the PF agenda and are bended on delaying implementation of promises to the people.
In an apparent reference to reports by some PF insiders who told the Watchdog that he allegedly resigned due to some corruption, Sampa who is also Matero MP wrote on his facebook page that he was in South Africa and despite the frustrations, he will fight from inside and not outside the ring.
Sampa wrote “was in a SA via a written authorization from the big boss and consent from my immediate boss as per standard requirement. Yes: frustrated with those in the system with off-track agenda and bended on delaying implementation of our promises to the people. I will however take them on inside and not outside the ring”.
Sources yesterday told the Watchdog that Mr.