Miles Sampa implicated in Zambia Railways plunder

Finance Deputy minister Miles Sampa has been implicated in the plunder of monies in the ongoing special audit at Zambia Railways Limited (ZRL).
The Watchdog has been informed that the audit findings maybe swept under the carpert and never made public due to the findings which have have implicated government officials like Miles Sampa. Sampa is a nephew of president Michael Sata and is seeking to take over as Finance Minister.
The  Auditor General (AG) and the  Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) are investigating plunder at Zambia railways during the short period that Clive Chirwa was at the helm and US$120 million, part of the Eurobond package was injected into the public company.
But investigators have found that Miles Sampa and other government officials were involved in the looting of the money and that is why Sampa has been panicking the past few days.  A few days ago Sampa threatened to resign claiming that he was frustrated by people working against the PF agenda.