Milenge civil servants squatting in villages – DC

ALMOST all civil servants in Milenge are squatting in nearby villages because of lack of accommodation in the area, says district commissioner Mumba Mushitu.

And Mushitu says Milenge district has remained undeveloped and lacks proper infrastructure despite it being created in 1997.

Mushitu said in an interview yesterday that most civil servants, including himself, had opted to squat in surrounding villages because of the critical shortage of houses in the district.

Mushitu stated that it was embarrassing to note that civil servants were sharing village huts because there were no houses to accommodate them.

He said the council, which had 10 houses, had given three to the government, which senior officers were sharing.

“You will find that these three houses are being shared by two to five senior officers. I’m also squatting as district commissioner,” he said.

“Most of the workers are squatting because we have no houses here.