Mike was a political refugee – Kabimba

WYNTER Kabimba says Mike Mulongoti would have been in jail had Rupiah Banda won the 2011 elections.

Featuring alongside Mulongoti on ZNBC’s special National Watch programme on Tuesday night, Kabimba, the PF secretary general, said the opposition politician campaigned for the ruling party as a political refugee.

But Mulongoti, a former MMD chairman for elections and minister of works and supply who is now leader of People’s Party, said if he had done anything wrong, the PF would not have welcomed him in their campaigns.

Mulongoti said he joined the PF campaign team because he was marginalised in MMD.

But Kabimba said Mulongoti came to PF thinking he would be rewarded with a position and left after realising there was nothing for him.

“For me as secretary general, I looked at people like Mike as political refugees looking for solace from the MMD. We treated everybody who came to compliment and supplement our campaigns as supporters and sympathisers.