Message from UPND after its leaders arrest

We would like to appeal to our members to remain calm during this upheaval when our leaders are under siege. We made this decision to make Sata our President, we made this bed and we shall sleep in it no matter how uncomfortable it is.

The PF might have won the battle, but the war is far from over, everybody is watching the turn of events, if it is not common citizens being intimidated it is the political leaders.

No one can stop an idea whose time has come, if HH will be the first Head of State to be voted into power while in jail, so be it, 2016 is a few years away from now, we are not sure what state the country will be but we can assure you that whoever takes over, will have a lot of damage to repair.

Please members let us stay calm and let us not respond to this rather provocative situation being perpetrated by this Government. HH has given us assurance that this is nothing, like water off a ducks back, it will also roll off as UPND becomes the real alternative to this PF led Government. Please be Peaceful.