Mealie meal and fuel prices increasing due to exhausted by-election budget- Magande

National Movement for Progress (NMP) president Ng’andu Magande says Zambia is slowly slipping into a dictatorship under the Patriotic Front.
Featuring on ZNBC’s Sunday Interview programme, Magande said he was disappointed that young people had shown lack of principle by easily defecting to the ruling party causing unnecessary by-elections.
“We are getting back to the old days of the one party state where clearly it was said at a mass rally that if you do not vote for us we will not bring development. Now that is not supposed to be in our democratic dispensation,” said the former finance minister between 2002 and 2008.
He said the culture of intolerance that is being championed by the PF government that has seen several opposition leaders being arrested at the slightest occasion was bad for the country.