Mazabuka vendor stabs friend over Merchandise

A street vendor has stabbed his friend in the neck at Mazabuka railway station after picking up a quarrel over the sell of merchandise to passengers aboard a train.

ZANIS in Mazabuka rushed to the railway station on Tuesday July 23,2013 and found that police had already arrived at the scene of the crime and arrested the suspect.

The suspect was only saved from the hungry mob who wanted to take the law into their own hands by alert state and railway police officers who later whisked him away in a private vehicle to Mazabuka central police station.

The stabbed vendor who has only been identified as Creyfod is said to be from Zambia compound in Mazabuka while the man who stabbed him twice in the neck identified himself to the police as Fidelis Kabamba.

A check at the district Hospital found Creyford who sustained a deep cut on his neck lying unconscious and being attended to by medical personal in the emergency room.

Hospital staff talked to by ZANIS described the condition of Creyford who is believed to be in his late twenties as critical because he had lost a lot of blood from the wounds.

According to police sources, Kabamba revealed that a quarrel between the two ensued after Creyford attempted to sell his merchandise to a passenger that had earlier showed interest in buying items from him.

Police have charged Kabamba with attempted murder and has been remanded in custody awaiting court appearance soon.