Masebo urges Kapiri to try PF


PRESIDENT Michael Sata should be given enough rope to hang himself by voting for the PF candidate Eddie Musonda, says Sylvia Masebo.

Addressing a public meeting at Palamedes Basic School in Kapiri Mposhi on Saturday, Masebo, who is PF chairperson for elections and tourism minister, said President Sata should not be judged based on the one and half years that he has been in power.

“Give President Sata enough rope to hang himself by voting for his candidate Musonda so that if this member of parliament fails, then in 2016 you will say we voted for you but you did not bring development,” she said.

Masebo said in the one and half years that President Sata had been in office, a lot of road projects had been initiated.

She said President Sata had now become like a headboy as he was always making sure that all the PF members of parliament and ministers visit the people on the ground to get first-hand information on the challenges that they go through.