Masebo breached ZAWA Act, Harrington tells Tribunal

Masebo Sylvia

Masebo Sylvia

Former Tourism Minister in the MMD government, William Harrington, has said that the current Tourism Minister, Sylvia Masebo, breached the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) Act.

He said this when making submissions to the Tribunal appointed to probe Ms Masebo’s alleged professional misconduct and abuse of authority. The Tribunal commenced sittings in Lusaka Monday, 24th February 2014.

Mr Harrington, who is petitioner, further stated to the Tribunal chaired by Acting Supreme Judge, Roydah Kaoma, that Ms Masebo breached the Zambia Public Procurement Act by cancelling the tendering process for hunting blocks.

Mr Harrington accused Ms Masebo of encouraging poaching when she issued verbal instructions to ZAWA officers to kill some wildlife.

The former Tourism Minister told the tribunal that Masebo’s decision to dissolve ZAWA board and later on management was a breach of the ZAWA Act.

Mr Harrington has explained that in certain circumstances the minister can approve the appointment of the Director General.

Earlier, during his examination in chief, Mr Harrington said only the ZAWA Board is mandated to dismiss the Director General of ZAWA.

He also told the tribunal that Ms Masebo breached the parliamentary and ministerial code of conduct when she publicly alleged that some foreign registered aircrafts were allegedly violating Zambian Airspace laws when they entered the country without clearance to smuggle out wildlife or government trophy from the country.

And when asked whether he was driven by a private agenda to petition Ms Masebo during cross examination by the respondents, Mr Harrington rejected the assumption.

Mr Harrington suggested that the issue of air lifting government trophy was supposed to have been referred to the Zambia Air Force because it boarded on breach of state security.

And when asked whether Ms Masebo got pecuniary advantage when she cancelled the tender process and re-opened the process, Mr Harrington did not adduce the evidence.

Mr Harrington says he did not have any evidence but alleged that Ms Masebo assisted people (he did not name) to get pecuniary advantage. / Source: ZNBC