Marijuana trading and Crime ‘legalised’ in Lusaka’s Chibolya Compound

The residents of Chibolya township are disappointed with the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and Zambia Police for failing to stop crime in the streets of Chibolya compound, reports Zambian Eye roving reporter, Lameck Phiri.

A check of Chibolya compound by Zambian Eye revealed a frightening situation where marijuana is openly sold on the streets while a number of youths smoke it openly without any fear of the law enforcement units.

Greytone Mulemba 54 a concerned resident of Chibolya compound said he regrets building his house in the compound because the area has become lawless. He lamented at how all crimes being committed in the area because police seem to fear policing the compound.

‘‘This area is the most feared by the police and the Drug Enforcement Commission because there are no law abiding people here. When law enforcers come to combat crime, the unruly people fight back using stones and pangas. But what is worrying is fact that our children are exposed to theft and smoking of marijuana every day,’’ Mulemba said.