Mansa court auctions mealie-meal recovered from Congolese

THE 400 by 25-kilogramme bags mealie-meal which were recovered by police in a bush near Bahati Secondary School in Mansa have been disposed of by way of an auction following a court order.

A check at Mansa local court found scores of Mansa residents who wanted to take part in the exercise.

Residents who started assembling as early as 06:00 hour were anxious to be part of an auction sell which brought about confusion as the number of people was more than the commodity.

The auction sell price was mostly between KR35 and KR42 for a 25-kilogramme bag of breakfast mealie-meal.

Shortly after midday, the situation at the selling point turned worse as the mob of people who wanted to buy the mealie-meal started surging forward forcing the court authority to suspend the exercise.

The decision angered people who vowed to spend a night outside the court while the wait for the exercise to resume the following day.