Manager searches Lady’s private parts at Shoprite in Solwezi

A concerned employee at Solwezi Shoprite Checkers is appealing to relevant authorities to investigate a case where a Manager striped naked a lady cashier whose name is being withheld.

A disgusted employee told Zambian Eye that the Manager had to search the cashier to the extent of checking her private parts after a customer came back to complain at the Shop that he was given less change.

“Dear editor, through your website I would like the relevant authorities such as The Human Right Commission, Victim Support Unity and other
bodies to investigate an issue concerning a cashier at Solwezi Shoprite who was stripped naked by a manager named Stephan Phiri who checked her even the pad she had on as she was on her monthly periods on 23/08/2013,” explained the employee.

The concerned employee is concerned that such injustice needs to be exposed because Management and the Union had not done anything to address the problem.

“We fill this issue will die like that as it seems management cautioned the cashier against reporting it to the authority,” the employee explained.

The employee narrated that on that material day the casher was attending to customers on a till when a certain customer came to punch her item worthy K13. After the transaction, she produced K15 to a cashier, was given her change & she left. After about 30 minutes the customer came back to a cashier that actualy during the transaction she gave her K105 not K15. At this point a cashier asked for a receipt but a customer said she had misplaced it then a cashier asked a customer to wait for spot-check which could determine the surplus.

On every till is a camera which monitors every movement on the till both customers and cashiers. After spot-check in the presence of a customer, it was found that actually she had a shortage of K6 due to shortages of some coins. They watched the camera footage and there were no
suspicious movements and the customer was convinced who said maybe the
money drop together with a receipt and she left.

Despite the two standard spot-check of the company as enshrined in the company policy, a contracted newly appointed manager Stephan Phiri of company formally known as TRIO DATA took the lady to a private room where she was searched, undressed touching even the private parts.

The case was reported to our Union chairman Mr. Thomas Mizinga by the victim, but he said he will work on it and come back to us. Now its one week past and no result of which I feel management will sit on it. It’s for this reason (that) I write to you to publish this so that relevant authorities can investigate how far this issue has gone.

If this issue is not exposed and perpetrators are not brought to book, it will continue hence must be stopped at all cost.

When contact for a comment Union Branch Chairman also confirmed and said he had informed his boss at the region office in Kitwe.

“ I reported to region administration in Kitwe and I was promised they will address the matter but I am still waiting, said Mizinga.

The region office could not be reached by press time.