Man loses tongue after attempted rape

A MAN who attempted to rape a physically-challenged woman of Musombizi village in Mbala had his tongue bitten off after his earlier attempt to have sex with her failed.

A relative of the victim Musonda Sichimba, explained that Benika Sichula broke into Matildah Nachimba’s house and forcibly demanded sex.

Sichimba said that Sichula failed to have sex with her because she was wearing tight underwear and hence resorted to kissing her in order to arouse her.

He further narrated that Nachimba, 42 gripped Sichula firmly and bit his tongue until part of it fell to the ground.

Sichimba alleged that Sichula fumed with anger and beat her until she fainted.

Sichula is reportedly on the run and the victim has been hospitalised at Mbala General Hospital receiving treatment.

The incident happened last week.