Man extorts K4, 000 from illegal immigrants in Lusaka

Members of a named  church in Lusaka, Zambia that is mainly attended by foreign nationals from Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo, who allegedly do not have the required documentation to live in Zambia, were forced to pay K4000 to a man who threatened to report them to the country’s Immigration Department, reports Zambian Eye roving reporter Lameck Phiri.

A deacon from a church of Lusaka’s Chazanga Township who sought anonymity revealed that a man who introduced himself as Biemba joined the church three months ago.

He disclosed that, last Wednesday in a mid week service Biemba stopped the pastor from preaching and told the church it came to his attention that most members of the congregation were foreigners who stayed in the country without the required documentation.

The deacon said that Biemba took pictures of most of the congregants and threatened to report them to the Immigration Department.

He said Biemba demanded the church to pay him K4,500 so that he could withhold the information.

The deacon disclosed that, in response the pastor and members of the church panicked and agreed to meet his demands but only managed to raise K4,000 which he got and walked out with.

”The incident was very unfortunate. Most of the congregation have stopped attending church as a result of Biemba’s action,” the deacon said.

In recent times there has been an increase of new churches run by foreign nationals in Zambia.

Recently, the government through The Registrar of Societies inspected a number of churches and closed those that were not registered.

The Zambian law requires that a church must be registered with The Registrar of Societies and should submit annual returns and reports.