Major Kachingwe faced tough time in court as he kept changing statements

THE Lusaka magistrate’s court yesterday heard that the seal used in the contract of a Nigerian oil deal did not come from the Zambian Government.
Former MMD national secretary Richard Kachingwe, testifying as a witness in a matter in which former President Rupiah Banda is facing a charge of abuse of authority of office relating to the crude oil deal, said the seal used to cement the contract was manufactured in Nigeria.
Testifying in cross-examination before Chief Resident Magistrate Joshua Banda, Major Kachingwe said the seal used at the time the contract was being signed was manufactured by the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC).
He claimed that he had consulted the the former President and not the Attorney-General before signing the contract and over the seal because he had delegated powers.
“The seal on behalf of the Republic of Zambia was made in Nigeria.