‘Mailoni brother fought back’

THE last of the three Mailoni brothers to be killed reportedly charged at a Zambia Army officer with a view to harming him even after being shot.
The 31-year-old Fabian, commonly known as ‘Tunda’, was the last to be shot inthe forest of Luano Valley of Central Province but before he died, he bravely confronted the army officer.
According to reliable Zambia Army sources, Tunda to his last breath continued screaming at villagers who were with the officers that “mwatushitisha” (you have betrayed us).
The villagers said they had asked the army officers to escort them to the banks of Lunsemfwa River to collect black smears for their huts and, on their way, they saw footprints which they started following.
As they got closer to the river, the group saw a grass-thatched shelter with smoke billowing out.
They stood at a safe distance to check who really had set up camp in the area.