Maids stole US$700 000 from Harare Employer, bought Cars and Houses

Three maids who allegedly stole $700 000 from their employer blew the cash on cars and houses, a Harare Magistrate has heard.

According to The Daily Newspaper, Robert Mumanikidzwa, the investigating officer in the matter said the trio acquired several properties using the stolen money.

The Daily Newspaper reports that the trial of the three, Euna Tsekwete, Rebecca Kawe and Sheila Nyandoro continued September 3, 2013 before regional magistrate Themba Kuwanda.

Jamil Farogh lost the staggering amount when the three maids discovered wads of cash in a kitchen drawer and stole it, during his visit to relatives in Gweru.

The trio is denying the allegations, which arose in April last year.

According to court documents, Kawe was the first to see the money in a kitchen drawer. She approached her fellow maids Tsekwete and Nyandoro and informed them about the cash.

The three stole the money which they shared equally.

They used the bounty to buy residential stands and vehicles which they registered in other people’s names, according to court papers.

Tsekwete bought a Mazda 323, a house in Shamva and built another one in Madziva.

Her colleagues Kawe and Nyandoro bought houses in Chitungwiza. Kawe also bought a house in Marlborough, three cars and household goods, while Nyandoro bought a Honda CRV and several household items as well.

The offence came to light when Tsekwete had a misunderstanding with her relative Jean Mapero, after she gave her money to buy a house in Shamva on her behalf.

It is alleged Mapero bought the house for $12 000 and failed to remit the balance to Tsekwete, resulting in an altercation.

Mapero allegedly asked the police to investigate Tsekwete on where she got the money, considering that she was just employed as a maid.

Tsekwete’s arrest led to the detention of her two colleagues.