Machina calls for a clear land policy

WE need a clear land policy that will spell out the country’s vision in the sector, says Zambia Land Alliance executive director Henry Machina.

Commenting on Livingstone Catholic Diocese Bishop Raymond Mpenzele’s worries over the acquisition of land by investors on long-term lease at the expense of Zambians, Machina said there was need to allocate land in a way that did not disadvantage locals.

He said there was also need to consult local communities in the allocation of land to investors to avoid land conflicts that made Zambians more poor.

“We need a long term land policy which should spell out our vision for long periods of time that will help come up with programmes to ensure that people are not displaced. We should allocate land in a way that does not disadvantage the local people, especially the poor because there are times when land is given out without consultation with the local people.