Maamba riot leaves Houses, Shops destroyed and looted

Hell broke out in Maamba, Southern province after Residents rioted destroying Houses belonging to Police Officers, District Commissioner and looting shops in the Coal Mining Town.

The riot follows the mysterious disappearance of Caroline Mweemba three weeks ago and this Monday her body was found in a sewer man-hole with some parts missing.  This angered the Residents who ran amok and destroyed properties of people they thought were connected to the killing which other suspect to be ritual.

Shops, taverns and houses have been broken into with property looted. The residents accuse Police of having failed to thoroughly investigate the killing of Caroline after they released a suspect who was under their custody.

The family to the deceased protested against burying their relative and instead took the body in a coffin and left it at the Police Station. The residents who were to witness the burial mobilized themselves and went to the Police Station and stoned the buildings. A State pathologist who went to conduct a post-mortem and an Inspector were also injured in the fracas.

The Police in Riot gear fought running battles with the irate residents firing teargas canisters.

Southern Province Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga has said  63 people have since been detained in connection with the riot. She said of the 63, 49 are male while 14 are female  and will be charged with riotous behavior.

Ms. Katanga said the Police had by Thursday managed to bring the situation to normal after three days of riots.