Lusambo’s support for PF shows how disorientated MMD is – Dr. Banda

Former MMD Chairman for Health Canisius Banda has charged that the party’s Youth leader Bowman Lusambo’s statement to support ruling PF in Solwezi has shown how disoriented the former ruling party is.

Lusambo whose position does not exist in the MMD’s constitution but highly regarded and called MMD Die-hard leader on Friday announced that MMD will rally behind PF in Solwezi East and Kafulafuta because UPND has been poaching members from the former ruling party.

Reacting to the statement Dr. Banda who is one of the MMD members who have dished the party for UPND said, ” the Bowman Lusambo saga is a classical tale of the unthinkable horrors that befall us as a people when character is not anchored in values and principles.”

Dr. Banda who is now UPND Vice president In-Charge of Politics observed that the once vibrant party – MMD had become disoriented.

“That the very entity (PF) that sought to devour and decimate the MMD only yesterday should today be a symbol of worship by the MMD just illustrates how traumatized and disorientated the MMD really is,” Dr. Banda charged. ” What is worse and scary is that Bowman Lusambo’s utterance, in defence of the PF, is only a tip of the iceberg about the thinking of the MMD’s leadership today.”

He wondered how the PF today should now receive praise and be found to be attractive by the MMD a situation he says reflects very poorly on the MMD.

“It is an offensive and malicious punch on the democratic and noble but yet starving and underdeveloped face of Zambia,” Dr Banda said and added. “But then there is always a scapegoat, isn’t there? Dr Nevers Mumba must now come clean on this one! We wait and watch!”

But Mumba’s Director for Communication Muhabi Lungu has dismissed Lusambo’s statement saying it did not present the MMD’s position. Lungu revealed that Lusambo has since been summoned to appear before the party’s National Secretary on Monday.