Lusambo’s Spirits High Following Violent Attack

Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) youth coordinator Bowman Lusambo has said he is not shaken by a recent violent attack against him by a PF militia, reinstating that his spirits are high after being captured and harassed Patrotic Front (PF) youth Militia who were being led by Lusaka province youth chairman Kennedy Kamba.

Lusamabo has also called for civility in Zambian politics as well as the need for local politicians to embrace dialogue in the manner they conduct their political affairs.

Speaking in Lusaka, Lusambo said PF youths were carrying offensive and deadly weapons, which were being used to attack innocent and defenceless people.

“These people need to be stopped from harassing innocent and defenceless people. They captured me and I was defeated just at that time, but I am out here now and the struggle to liberate the people from the PF bond continues.