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The United Party for National Development, UPND, says MMD youth Bowman Lusambo is a comedian on the political scene and should not be taken seriously.
Edward Musonda, the UPND Provincial Information and Publicity Secretary for Northern Province, was responding to Lusambo’s call for the to drop it’s leader Hakainde Hichilema in order to attract a national character.
UPND Northern Responds to Bowman Lusambo
Bowman Lusambo is really a man who lives by his persuasion, dying hard. To us he adds to comedy on the political scene and we would not imagine politics in Zambia without comedians like Lusambo. The make an otherwise serious undertaking, light. As we have stated before, our responsibility as UPND Youth is to sell UPND and protect our leadership from detractors such as Bowman Lusambo. First MMD drew the first blood. As a matter of principle UPND sticks to issues and will never attack an individual. It therefore comes as a surprise that that he refers to a wall of words that was instigated by MMD. “I fruit will never fall far from its parent tree”, it therefore goes without saying that, if Bowman can say HH is tribal, then obviously he has the blessings of Nevers Mumba. People might not say many things, but observe what those people close to them say.
On RAMCOZ, we shall state this for the last time and hopefully we can forget about this matter. Hakainde Hichilema never privatised a single mine. All mines in Zambia were privatised by Mr Francis Kaunda through a body that was appointed by the President, Dr Chiluba at the time. This process is very ably documented in our father’s book titled ‘Selling the family Silver’. The book is available in leading bookshops and if Bowman has time, he can get the book and appraise himself with the selling of ZCCM mines. We can challenge Bowman to tell us which mine HH. Again HH was NEVER anywhere near ZCCM mines privatisation. Bowman sees HH as tonga and not as a Presidential aspirant. That stinks of tribalism. HH was elected by 7 out of 9 provinces to be UPND leader. A democratic process was followed closely and there was no impropriety whatsoever. The records are in the public domain. We would like Bowman Lusambo, as he looks for a candidate for 2016, to be objective and really stick to issues that he claims to expound.
All of us have histories, and UPND is not an exception, what is wrong is for people to stop learning from history. And the arrogance being perpetuated by
Bowman Lusambo and his benefactors really don’t inspire anyone to conclude that MMD has learnt anything from their defeat in 2011. We would recommend counselling and acceptance. If Bowman has issues, he can bring them on, not waste our time with rumours and untruths like he attempted to draw HH into RAMCOZ.
Issued By:
Edward Musonda
Provincial Information and Publicity Secretary

Source : Zambia Reports

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