Lusaka’s John Laing compound risk demolition

Lusaka’s John Laing Township risks being demolished by  a company that is contracting its officers near the area.
This is after the company, Prestige Motors Limited allegedly bought some piece of land in the area.
But Government says it has not issued any title to the company to facilitate the demolition of the compound.
According to Muvi TV, Lands Minster Wilbur Simuusa said the company, Prestige Motors Limited only has a partial title deed for the land where they have constructed their offices.
Simuusa revealed that the company has made an offer to acquire the portion of land in John Laing.
The Minister however said that government wants to see that the issues regarding compensation are resolved before it could decide on the matter.
John Laign is one of the Townships in Lusaka which strethches the opposite site of Misisi and Kuku Compound on Kafue Road.
Most of the land in Misisi and Kuku running parallel the Kafue Road have been sold to pave way for the construction of mordern buildings to cover the ugly face of the compounds.