Lusaka lawyer complains to court about female suspects siting on floor

LUSAKA lawyer Steven Lungu yesterday complained against the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court practice of making female suspects sit on the floor.

Lungu, the former Law Association of Zambia president told the court that whenever female suspects remanded in custody were taken to court, they were made to sit on the floor next to the dock while their male counterparts sat comfortably on the benches.

When chief resident magistrate Joshua Banda came in court, before he could hear any matter, Lungu quickly rose up and told him that as a friend of the court, he was concerned about female suspects that were made to sit on the floor when everyone else was sitting on benches.

He said it was unfair and hoped something could be done about it.

Magistrate Banda concurred with Lungu and advised that chairs be made available for female suspects whenever they are taken to court.