Lusaka Drainages still blocked

Lusaka City after a heavy downpour

Lusaka City after yesterday’s heavy downpour

Drainages in the Zambian capital Lusaka are still blocked three months in to the rain season and three months after the Government issued a directive to the District administration to unblock all drainages in the City.

The Lusaka City Council [LCC] has however blamed the blockage of the drainage system on members of the public.

LCC Public Relations Officer Mulunda Habenzu says people have continued to damp garbage in the drainages despite seeing that people have worked there.

He says the Council had engaged people to work on the drainages but the work was being undone as soon as it was finished because members of the public did not care for the drainages.

He has since called on the general public to desist from throwing garbage in e drainage.

The City gets flooded every time it rains due to blockages on most drainages a trend which has led to people having to pay KR1 to call boys who offer to carry them on their backs to get them to the other side of the flooded portions.