Lukulu West has been neglected by previous govts – Scott

VICE-PRESIDENT Guy Scott says Lukulu West has never received any attention from all the past governments.

And Vice-President Scott says it was strange that opposition political party leaders are running like hyenas and accusing the PF government of trying to introduce a one-party state.

Speaking when he addressed a campaign meeting at Mumbumbu Basic School in the newly-created district of Mitete in Western Province on Wednesday, Vice-President Scott said President Michael Sata had created nine districts in the province as a way of developing the area.

“This place (Mitete) has never received any attention from any government. As PF we have decided that we are going to give it priority. We want to manage the fishing industry. You already have the right President in State House. Vote for our candidate so that we can help you to develop,” Vice-President Scott said.