Luhila testifies in Rupiah’s oil corruption case

Zambia’s former high commissioner to Nigeria Alexis Luhila yesterday explained how Rupiah Banda sent a special envoy incognito to Nigeria for unknown business and how he questioned the secrecy behind travels of the same envoy.

This is in a case where former president Banda is charged with abuse of authority of office contrary to section 99 (1) of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

Banda is alleged to have on dates unknown but between May 1, 2008 and September 24, 2011 abused the authority of his office by procuring a government-to-government oil contract in Nigeria, in the name of the Republic of Zambia, which in fact was meant to benefit himself and his family.

During examination-in-chief led by Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito, Luhila, 62, told chief resident magistrate Joshua Banda that he was a businessman of House No. 406 Kudu Road in Kabulonga and a former high commissioner to Nigerian.