Lubinda to be ‘expeled’ after after by-elections

A Central Committee meeting of the ruling PF to decide the fate of Kabwata Member of Parliament has been postpond to next week on Saturday after the by-elections.

The party’s Deputy Secretary General announced on Friday that the meeting that was scheduled for Saturday February 23, 2013 has been moved to next week.

Insiders say the party is worried on how the people may react when Lubinda is finally shown the door out of the PF hence the move to postpond it. While the PF says members of the Central Committee are busy in the two by-elections campaigning and would not make it for the meeting today.

Lubinda who is facing disciplinary charges in the party for alleged leaking of information to the media and opposition has since been fired from his Foreign Affairs Ministerial position. This week he took a back seat in parliament signifying that he was no longer Minister though it has not been announced to the public.