Lubinda responds angrily to Rebel remark

Given Lubinda

Given Lubinda

Kabwata Patriotic Front Member of Parliament Given Lubinda has reacted angrily after he was asked to comment on President Michael Sata’s calling him a Rebel.

The Post Newspaper on its Saturday edition, October 26, reports that when asked how he felt about President Sata’s Rebel remark comment over him on Independence Day,  over him what he will do to prove his royalty,  Lubinda responded it was nobody’s business.

“How I feel is none of your business, it’s nobody’s business” Lubinda responded angrily according to The Post.

Lubinda who in March 2013 dropped from his Ministerial position and later suspended from PF for allegedly treachery and disloyalty also told The Post Newspaper that it is also nobody’s business whether he will respond to PF General Secretary Wynter Kabimba.

While greeting Ministers, Members of Parliament and Senior Government Officials  with First President Kenneth Kaunda at Fredom Statue when he reached where Lubinda was, President Sata said asked Dr Kaunda if he knew Lubinda, to which he answered in the affirmative.

“This man is a rebel and I have been so disappointed with him. I never expected him to be a rebel. Even you Dr Kaunda in your government, you had people like Aaron Milner who are like him but they were not rebels but were very loyal,” President Sata said according to The Post’s Friday edition.

The Post further reports that after President Sata said this, Dr Kaunda told Lubinda to be loyal.

“Be loyal young man,” said Dr Kaunda.