Lubinda defends PF cadres protesting against Kabimba

Embattled Kabwata MP Given Lubinda

Embattled Kabwata MP Given Lubinda

Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda says the protests demanding for Wynter Kabimba to resign as General Secretary of the Patriotic Front (PF) are not tribal.

Kabimba has charged that the protests are sponsored by a clique of tribalists within PF who want to hound him out of the party. He has said that PF is more tribal than any other party.

But Lubinda who also faced numerious protests demanding for his resignation early this year has defended the current protests.

The Kabwata MP who at that time served as Foreign Minister was charged for alleged treachery leaking information to the opposition and the media which ultimately led to his suspension although the cadres had called for an expulsion.

Lubinda says the protests were not aiming a tribe but an individual whom the membership want to steep down.

“When the protest was against me, he was in the forefront and nothing was said about tribalism,” said Lubinda. “I wonder if that is tribal because as far as I am concerned, the protests are against an individual and not any tribe in Zambia, so he is in the better position to prove that the protests are tribal.”
Lubinda said Kabimba has the capacity to prove to the nation if indeed the protests were tribal. He said unless the party’s chief executive officer convinced the public that he was a tribe on his own, it would be difficult for people to believe that the demonstrations were sponsored by an ethnic grouping in PF.

Meanwhile Mandevu Member of Parliament Jean Kapata who is also a member of the disciplinary committee has called on the party to discipline Kabimba for his tribal remarks against his own party.

And some PF organs said to be from all provinces that convened at Nakatindi Hall in Lusaka on Saturday, September 28, 2013 endorsed that Kabimba resigns from from the party with immediate effect.

At the same function, PF Campaign Manager for the 2011 elections Willy Nsanda said the PF was not tribal as alleged by Kabimba.

Nsanda said PF got votes from all the provinces of Zambia and not only from one region. He wondered why Kabimba could accuse the party of being tribal.

Kabimba has however vowed that he will not be swayed by anyone apart from Sata to resign. He said only his appointing authority would make him steep down.