Luanshya residents ask Sata to show leadership

By Correspondent in Luanshya

Scores  of PF cadres and sympathizers have urged President Michael Sata to show leadership over the wrangles that have rocked the ruling party.
The  cadres and sympthisers told the Zambian Eye, in an interview today, September 2, 2013 that the wrangles that have rocked the ruling party have potential  to divide the nation and not the PF only.
“I think the President  should come in quickly and show leadership, because what is happening in the PF is capable of breaking peace in the country,” James Kabwe said.
He  added that  it was too early for the PF  to start endorsing President Sata as a sole candidate for the 2016 elections.
Kabwe said PF ministers  should be focusing on implementing the PF policies and uplifting peoples’ living standards.