L/stone artist cashing in on children’s beauty

AN enterprising 28-year-old Livingstone artist is earning a living by putting children’s different impressions on paper and selling them to tourists.

In an interview at Jolly Boys Backpackers, where he has set up an exhibition, Samuel Nawa, famously known as Zig-zag, said he took advantage of the different impressions on children’s faces to show tourists how beautiful Zambian children are.

“The inspiration is from the children of Livingstone, I see a lot of beauty in them which many people don’t see, so I bring it through drawings. These are the images of Livingstone, especially in the townships of Maramba, Ngwenya and here in town where I have my studio along Lusaka road. I see this and I take advantage of it so that I can bring it to tourists so that they can communicate,” Nawa said.

He added that children’s faces indicate how they were being brought up and showed emotions which many tourists have ended up falling in love with.