Zambian Eye helps Son locate lost Dad after 30 years.


Zambian Eye staffer Chimuka Moono Hanyama

By Chimuka Moono Hanyama

A parent is a big figure in a life of every individual. One always cherishes memories with their parent, no matter the status of such a parent in life.

When a parent is lost due to death, a child agonises. But the agony diminishes with time. It is not the case here.
MavPet Muzira, a blogger on Zambian Eye Facebook Group found his father who vanished 30 years ago.

After posting on Zambian Eye Group three days ago to ask the members if at all they would have any information to help him locate his father, the response was of warm hearts and urgency from the members.

Others urged him to forget about the father who they accused of child desertion, but Mavpet never faltered. Today, the story is different because MavPet has posted on Zambian Eye Group thanking the members and admin of the group for their support and help. He has located his father, still alive in Siavonga!

This is good news, although some members felt there was no need for him to reunite with his dad.

Gift Mbewe, one of the members of Zambian Eye Group who commented on the status asked, “why didn’t your father look for you?” MavPet responded, “the issue at hand is not about why I broke up with my father, but to cherish the moment for me to reunite with my father and to eagerly and anxiously wait for joy on the day I will lay my eyes on him!”

These are words of joy. Anyone would cherish that moment!

It is good to know the circumstances that made MavPet’s dad disappear for this long, but time and space change matters.

MavPet does not expect the man to feel the way he felt when he left. That was then, and now is now. The best is to look at the bigger picture and concentrate on that. We all have issues in our lives, and sometimes the effects are devastating to our relatives and our own children.

Judging the man should be the last option to consider. The best is to hear his side of the story and make amends. Surely, after sometime a person must embrace positivity and ignore negativity.

Let the good God grant Mavpet a clear heart and clear mind as he reunites with his dad. Its what anyone would wish him. This is a dream come true story from a blogger. Indeed Internet can be used for the right purposes.