Local Zambian Players Complain Being Paid Kr50 For Beating Zimbabwe 2-0

Zambia’s home-based team received between US$ 10 and US$20 each for beating Zimbabwe 2-0 in a friendly in Lusaka on April 28.

The players said on condition of anonymity that it was disheartening to be paid the equivalent of a long-distance bus fare to play for their country.
“Yes, we were given Kwacha 120  (US$20),” one player said.
“Can you imagine getting  KR 120 just to play for you national team?
“I mean if that’s the case, I would rather stay at my club. They pay better. It is very sad.”
According to the players, those based in Lusaka were given US$10 while those from outside town received US$20.
“We were told that it was our transport money and nothing else was said,” another player said.
The players spent a grueling six days camped in Lusaka and were also part of the nationwide trials during that same period.