‘Local contractors not benefitting from Link Zambia 8000 project’

LOCAL contractors are not benefiting from the Link Zambia 8000 road project, says the National Empowerment Forum.

Executive director, Edgar Siakachoma, challenged the Road Development Agency to give details to the nation on how local contractors have benefited from the 20 per cent subcontracting since it was introduced almost a year ago.

“Two weeks ago, we witnessed the launch of the Finance Initiative (CFI) where RDA signed an MOU with Finance Bank to support citizen contractors with construction finance in form of loans for plant and equipment. However, this initiative is meaningless in the absence of RDA and foreign contractors’ willingness to effect the 20 per cent subcontracting policy,” Siakachoma said yesterday.

“The 20 per cent subcontracting policy was a very good idea to empower local contractors. However, we fear that lack of guidelines on who and how local firms can benefit will derail the whole initiative.