Livingstone town deserted as HH is charged and locked up

Livingstone city was deserted Tuesday evening after the protests following the arrest of Hakainde Hichilema and other senior UPND leaders with two Members of Parliament.

Our Southern province correspondent says the central district and the usual busy Livingstone city was quite Tuesday evening as people kept in-doors, shops, take-aways and pubs closed  after Police earlier in riot gear were deployed around the city and chased the people.

Earlier teargas canisters were fired at the mob in town that had gathered and started chanting slogans and demanding the release of UPND leaders, says our Corespondent.

The situation has created fear especially among tourists and residents who go to the polls this Thursday to elect their Member of Parliament in a by-election.

And Police has detained the UPND leader and charged him with proposing violence and he is expected to appear in court on Wednesday. He was earlier arrested from the Lodge within Livingstone and taken to Livingstone Central Police station with his security personal.

This is the first time Hichilema is spending a night in custody while his MMD counterpart has been locked twice by Michael Sata’s regime.

Others notable UPND leaders arrested inlude his Senior Adviser Douglas Siakalima, William Banda, Kalomo Member of Parliament Request Mutanga and his Mazabuka counterpart who is also heading the UPND campaigns Garry Nkombo.

Other arrested are Elections Chairman Ackson Sejani and other party officials.

The UPND leaders have been arrested over the killing of a Monze PF official on Monday night in Livingstone.