Livingstone Mayor ‘disappears’ after picked by Police – UPND

Arrests have continued in Livingstone  and the UPND says its Mayor for the city Mr Njekwa was picked up by Police Thursday morning at 02:00 hours.

UPND says his whereabouts are not known and the Police has refused to provide more details.

The UPND has posted this on their Facebook Page saying the current happenings in Zambia were not surprising.

“OUR NOTE: This is not new, Sata was in the same UNIP Government that thrived for 27 years on instilling fear in the public with the hope of perpetrating themselves in power,” said the UPND on its post. “If you were here in the 80′s when Kaunda was losing grip on power, you will agree with us that these scare tactics were an everyday thing. Things have changed, but the leaders have not, so we do expect this until there is REAL CHANGE in this country.”