Limata warns Munkombwe of indisciplined SP civil servants

DANIEL Munkombwe has appealed to people to help him succeed and not fail in Southern Province.

And Josephine Limata says civil servants in the province are indisciplined and cautioned Munkombwe to be very careful with them.

Addressing government departmental heads in his office in Choma on Friday after the handover by his predecessor Limata, Southern Province minister Munkombwe said he was a “political animal” who could not be manipulated by anyone because his blood was political.

He said that no government could be undermined by anyone no matter how educated that person was.

“I have been in the system for a long time now and I know that no government can be undermined. President Michael Sata is a very intelligent and political; so it doesn’t matter whether you have a degree or whatever qualifications because those papers are yours with your family to enjoy. Unfortunately in politics you cannot eat a degree,” he said.