Lilayi paramilitary police in L/stone complain of poor living conditions

POLICE paramilitary officers from Lilayi in Lusaka, who are camped at Cabinet Office in Livingstone, have complained of poor living conditions.

One of the officers, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of victimisation, said the officers had been living at Cabinet Office since March 24 without any operational order or allowances among other things.

“We are about 30 police paramilitary officers from Lilayi Paramilitary Headquarters, Lusaka. We have been dumped here in Livingstone doing nothing. We are starving and suffering, and it’s like we have been dumped here,” the officer said.

“We have no food; we are here now for more than five weeks. We really appeal to government to come to our aid. If anything, we are here at Cabinet Office, feeding on rotten roller meal and beans nearly every day. We just used our own initiative to take maize samp to a hammer meal for breakfast mealie-meal.