Lies that PF has created jobs irritating people – Nevers Mumba

Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD), president Dr. Nevers Mumba says the economic atmosphere does not support the ascensions and pronouncements of the patriotic front administration.
Dr. Mumba has told Qfm news that government is dreaming by making pronouncement that does not yield fruit but irritates the majority Zambians who are still waiting for government to deliver on its campaign promise.
Dr. Mumba adds that government should realize that it will be soon that they will begin begging for votes and people will not listen to their lies.
He explains that the claims by government that they have created jobs are not real because the current jobs are casual jobs that will not last for the people.
Dr. Mumba stresses that only the former ruling party managed to warrant bringing investors that pumped in so much money in the economy and created long term jobs.