Learn to co-exist, Clergy urges politicians

HH addressing a rally in Kabwata

HH addressing a rally in Kabwata

From Norman Kapata in Choma

Zambia's  President Michael Sata

Zambia’s President Michael Sata

A Clergy man in the Southern Province has urged political parties in the Country to learn to co-exist to enhance the growth of democracy and peace in the Country.

Church Of Christ Deacon William Banda disclosed that politicians in the Country should stop practicing politics of hatred, vengeance and cramping on each other but should instead work towards addressing the economic and social needs of the people.

Speaking to SKY FM News in Choma on Sunday Deacon Banda observed that the Country’s political scene has of late been full of vengeance and hatred which he said would not heal or take the Country anywhere in terms of economic development.

He said Zambians should also live like Christians following the declaration of the country as a Christian nation.

The clergyman added that the tenets of democracy should be observed and respected in a country which has chosen multi-party democracy.

Deacon Banda further added that it has become difficult for the opposition political parties to mobilize themselves due to the way the Public Order Act is being applied by the police in the country.

He said opposition political parties can no longer meet their organs due to restrictions by the Public Order Act.

Deacon Banda said there was need to immediately rip off the Public Order Act to enable opposition political parties operate freely for the enhancement of democracy in Zambia.

The political scene in the country has of late been filled with negative incidences such as political killings, clashing of cadres from different parties and also bickering among individual political parties.