Leaked Alangizi video: Defending Alangizi, My Testimony

Musamba Mumba

Musamba Mumba

By Musamba Mumba

Too much crap has been said about the leaked alangizi video especially by men criticising the tradition or institution as using outdated sexual orientation methods. As always some things I (Musamba) wait to read everyone else’s comments, analyse and finally share my views.

Well, I believe what is in the leaked video was just the basic or a build up to the main climax. I have never officially been orientated but again I am one person who never shy away from sharing and making confessions.

My Testimony, here we go:

When I briefly came back to Zambia from Botswana to do my teaching course. I so happened to have a lot of mbuya (traditional cousins), college mates that continuously bragged about how from a tender age is taught to swing, twist and make sexual dance moves in bed that makes men go crazy over them unlike us from the North part of Zambia where women are taught just when we are about to get married.

As with many things not dangerous, was intrigued, curious and anger to find out basing it on the fact that if our mbuyas are taught at a tender, why shouldn’t I know? So I spoke to them how possible someone not getting married and not an easterner can be taught?

Wow I got my lucky break with one of my college mates. She arrangement some women from Garden compound to come home to my flat at Marshlands village complex to teach me and later paid them. Oh yes these women taught me more than you saw in that video, forexample, able to lift and suspend your bum in such a way only your waist moves in rhythm of what things you want done to your man, how you can make your back flexible in such a way you twists when its dog style etc.

In that video a lot was left out such as washing a man with lukewarm water after the act etc. guys lets respect our traditional and culture and above all salute our alangiz. Thank God not everything was shown in that video.

After watching a white woman shake her bum. We take a lot of things for granted. No one even dares to revise the Alangizi syllabus. Who said the sex styles that worked in grandmother’s time would appeal to men of today? They are not grandfathers…lol!

We should not be surprised when our men leave us for bazungu (white) women.