Leadership of appeasement should be buried – Chikoya

LEADERSHIP of appeasement should not be part of the Zambian system, says Fr Emmanuel Chikoya.

Commenting on President Michael Sata’s recent statement in Kapiri Mposhi when he paid a courtesy call on chief Chipepo that his ministers sometimes do not tell the truth about the people’s suffering, Fr Chikoya who is St Francis Anglican Church priest-in-charge said the issues of people living on a dollar a day was very real.

He said a lot of homes were dysfunctional with children being left to fend for themselves.

“Ministers should provide quality advice to the President. Sometimes some of the advise may be misleading, so it is necessary for the President not just to be dependant 100 per cent only on those that advise. Sometimes they mislead, there are those that want to appease. That kind of leadership must be buried and should not be part of the Zambian system. Leaders that want to appease are not a blessing to the nation; they don’t help us at all,” Fr Chikoya said.