LCC demolishes houses behind Pepsi leaving residents homeless


The Lusaka City Council (LCC) on Thursday July 25,2013 moved into action demolition over 20 houses behind Pepsi in Lusaka’s Garden House area.

The LCC who were accompanied by the police moved into action in the early hours to demolish the houses which they say has been built on illegal land.

A resident, Peter Banda said the council officials moved in the area just after midnight and started demolishing.

Banda said the combined team were only stopped by irate residents who started throwing stones at them.

He said the team which had a grader demolished a number of houses stating that some residents were sleep while the process was taking place.

Banda said some people where however pleading with the council to move their children and property before they could demolish.

Banda has meanwhile questioned why the council could take such an action without prior warning.

He claimed that many of them have papers to the piece of land which the council is alleging to be illegal.

He has since asked government to help the resident who have been affected by the decision saying many of them got loans to purchase the land and built houses.

Banda said the demolition was only stopped by residents who organised themselves and starting throwing stones at them.