LAZ also says Chibesakunda must go

The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has also express concerned at the decision by the Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda’s continued stay in the office when she is not qualified to hold that office.

LAZ President James Banda said his Association is also opposed to her stay in the office. Banda says the Acting Chief Justice does not show concerns to the many wrongs that are happening in the Judiciary from the time she took the position.

He notes that the public will lose confidence in the judiciary especially that Justice Chibesakunda is also related to the  person in the executive which makes it worse for her to execute her duties professionally.

According to QFM News monitored in Lusaka on Thursday, Banda observed that the Acting Chief Justice is not qualified and should therefore be the first person to respect the law.

Banda added that calls for her resignation is not a personal issue.

The MMD has launched an attack on the judiciary where they are calling for the resignation of the Acting Chief Justice.

The PF promised to bring sanity in the judiciary and where among the few organisation that also forced then Chief  Justice Enerst Sakala to retire claiming he was over age.