Lady V’s Entertainment Scoop!!!

entertainmentHello everybody , I am Lady V also known as Val Shaw, but for this entertainment page please refer to me by my DJ/Entertainment name.

Well, we are going to have a lot of fun and I mean lots of it, plenty!!!  You like gossip right? What does Janet currently do in the music or acting business , I mean right now ???

Nothing right, as far as being reported recently,  that she is back in the studio recording a new album. We will wait and see, but back to my girl, JJ ( Miss Jackson)  she is a self made billionaire. And guess what?  she is the number 1 on the list of the most paid  black actresses, so it’s such things ,  i will we sharing with you.

Well I don’t gossip personally,  but I just go along with it, you know the media and I guess Kanye West will have to deal with it…just take that joke, if you know what I mean .

People  do love risky business, anything thing done in the dark and brought to light. Though personally  the same people wouldn’t like that done to them, but when it’s someone else being talked about well, they love it we call that Snitches aka Kachepa’s.

Val here has  got it and I will give it to you straight from the silver platter. Fortunately , entertainment is a very , very vast , you know in terms of coverage .

It’s hard for me to specify what this page will be covering but just know that it’s everything and anything to do with Entertainment name it and  Val got it!!!  LATER