Lack of ethical conduct in Legal fraternity worrying

Supreme court

Supreme court

Concerned Zambians have raised questions on the lack of ethical conduct in the Zambia legal fraternity, reports Zambian Eye Legal Correspondent.

The concerned Zambians who sort anonymity noted that when concerned Zambians made requests for Wynter Kabimba to step aside following his appearance before the tribunal, he saw nothing wrong with staying at the helm of the Ministry of Justice.

“When Judge Hamaundu was also requested to recuse himself given his closeness to Kabimba, he too declined to do so,” said the concerned Zambians.

The concerned citizens questioned the promotion of Judge Hamaundu half way through Kabimba’s tribunal sittings.

They questioned the ethical conduct in the legal fraternity as Judge Hamaundu being the chair of the Kabimba tribunal was being recommended for promotion to the Supreme Court by Kabimba.

“Half way through the tribunal sitting, Hamaundu got a promotion to the post of Supreme Court Judge. While Hamaundu was preparing the tribunal report on Wynter Kabimba, Kabimba on the other hand was also preparing a report recommending Hamaundu on his suitability as Supreme Court Judge,” questioned the concerned Zambians.

The concerned Zambians said, “Last week, Kabimba duly appeared before the Ephron Lungu led Parliamentary Select Committee appointed to ratify Hamaundu. Neither Kabimba nor Parliament saw anything wrong with this clear attack on jurisprudence”.

Parliament has been depleted of good debaters who unpacked issues without fear or favour and is now filled with stooge Patriotic Front (PF) Members of Parliament who are likely to ratify Judge Hamaundu without so much of a fuss, observed the concerned citizens.

“All these misdemeanours are in addition to the ignorance of both PF State Counsels and the Acting Chief Justice representing and sitting on cases respectively where there are conflicts of interest. They saw nothing wrong with that. Lucky Mulusa was however too alert for them and has taken them on. Mulusa’s motion in the Supreme Court has really rattled them and they do not know what to do,” they quipped.